The Black Mamba

By: Charles Dickson


When I was in second grade I would always tune into channel 7 and watch a number”8” score the basketball with grace, I would salivate at his jaw dropping athletic maneuvers as well as the fire that would burn in his eyes every game. That same year 05-06 was when “8” dropped 81 points on the Toronto Raptors, it was amazing and unbelievable to witness. I was grateful at a young age that I was able to witness his greatness.

Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the most dominating NBA players to ever grace the hardware, no one has been so influential to the game of basketball since Michael Jordan who he has tirelessly tried to emulate throughout his historic career. He has been a global icon all over the world due to his high flying dunks, clutch game winners, and undeniable confidence within himself. Kobe has amassed over 33,000 points throughout his career, he is a 5x NBA champion as well as a 2x finals MVP. There’s nothing else he has to accomplish. He has left a lasting legacy upon today’s generation due to his competitiveness and love for the game.

Kobe has been known around the league since he entered at 18 years of age as a competitive player who hated to lose. He found different ways to defy the odds, many times throughout his career he would be called selfish and prideful, however he didn’t let that stop him. He dominated this game he loved with passion and hard work. If anyone were to criticize the way you love to do something how would you respond? You respond with fire and determination till you break through. Criticism can be a weakness towards someone however it can also be turned into a positive and Kobe did exactly that, turn his negatives into positives. Junior Jalen Morris  said “Kobe loves the game so much, you can see it in his eyes, the way he plays so hard. It’s so inspiring, It motivates me to work just as hard.” His love for the game is what has propelled him to so much success, it is what has inspired many to idolize his game and aspire to be like him. Kobe has honestly transcended the game to new heights.



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