A New Variable to Lindblom’s Equation


By Jarriae Anderson

Ms. Parsons is a new teacher at Lindblom this year. The Talon stopped by room 304 to speak to our new math teacher this year.

1. What is your history/prior experience before coming to Lindblom?
          Prior to teaching at Lindblom, I taught at Tilden High School.
2. What do you want to bring to Lindblom?
          I will bring a sense of perseverance in the classroom. Math is not an easy subject to learn; however, if you sacrifice time to understand the math outside of the class, you will slowly, but surely, succeed. In the words of J.Cole, “it’s beauty in the struggle.”
3. What do you think about Lindblom?
          I think Lindblom is a great school. The students really challenge themselves in the classroom, and the teachers are really nice. I also love the school spirit that is seen throughout the school. Overall, I like that Lindblom is full of life.
4. Is there anything you want people to know about you?
          I am a very flexible/helpful person, who enjoys working with students in and out of the classroom.

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