Blame Game: Student/Teacher Take on CTU Strike



By: Aidan R MacGregor and Alexa Barnes

On October 11, the proposed teachers’ strike did not take place because an agreement between the CTU and the city was reached just in time, but polling of the students and teachers on Tuesday reveals a hidden truth; most people wanted the strike to happen.

Of the 57 students and teachers polled at Lindblom roughly 80% of them agreed that the strike was a good idea and would support it if it happened. Many of them could have been supporters of the teachers and their proposals, and they would have stood by them during this time.

However, the majority of students may have only wished that the strike would happen because it would mean several days off. Senior Samuel Owusu commented before Tuesday that if the strike were to happen, he would use the time to visit colleges. Many students also expressed their desire for a break.

During A lunch on Tuesday, some students were busy studying for a Chinese quiz, and one of them commented, “I didn’t think we had school today.” When asked how long they would prefer the strike to be, 67% of people asked chose 5 or more days. Only 8% of them said they would want no days of strike, and only 4% said they wanted 1-2 days.

So, while 80% of the students polled support the strike, it seems most of them wanted a week off school.

On the poll there were questions about the strike and the issue itself. One of the questions was, “Who’s fault is this?” A question to discern who the students and teachers believe to be the problem. They could give multiple responses. Out of the 52 people asked, 43 believed it was Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s fault, and 21 chose Governor Rauner, and 15 said it was CPS.



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