Daydreaming of Lost Sleep

By: Daniela Tovar and Alexa Diaz

We all have experienced those nights where we have to put off sleep. We point the blame at all the homework, essays, and projects we have to do. Late nights are our only option when we have piles of work to complete. This makes us wonder, to what extent are Lindblom students stressed?

Our survey was spread to a mix of 51 students over the last week. We had a variety of seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman. The purpose of the survey was to measure stress levels and sleeping habits of high school students. The data showed that 45.1% of students surveyed found that they were moderately stressed because of school.

We left a small comment section for those who took the survey to openly talk about their stress and what could be the cause. 26 out of 51 student responses consisted of negativity. One response from a Lindblom 12th grader said, “At times it feels like I can’t do anything about my stress because I always have a lot of work to do.” Students are piled with work and tend to fold when they are pushed too far. Another student commented, “It keeps me up at night, and it keeps me from being a normal and sociable teenager.”

All the seniors had on average moderate to severe amounts of stress, while the freshman had mild to no stress. We noticed that 61% of upperclassmen experience moderate to severe amounts of stress while only 35% of underclassmen experience moderate to severe amounts of stress.

We found that 39.2% of students get only 6 hours of sleep, but we should be getting at least 8 hours. This impact in our sleeping habits can take away from our focus and energy to participate in class. It ends up leading to a decay in our understanding of class material because our brains were not properly functioning when they should have been.

Due to this, grades are declining. In addition to this, there is an update to the new grading system that the students have not gotten use to. This should be a lesson to teachers to keep in mind that students are people too. They feel stressed. They need sleep. They can not function off of 2-3 hours of sleep just like teachers can’t.

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