Seniors: Ready, Set, Loan

By: Andrea Bossi

During mid-October, seniors were surveyed about their readiness for college. We found a large amount of seniors have not applied for any scholarships. Today, more than ever, students need scholarships to cover ridiculously, highly priced tuition, room, board, and more.

By putting off such a crucial part of the college application process, opportunities can be missed. Furthermore, habits of putting things off can have devastating effects in the long run. Stress often fosters these procrastination supporting habits. And, seniors are feeling especially stressed.

About 83% of Lindblom seniors are stressed by the college application process. Most of this stress comes from having to write supplemental essays; there are one or two of these essays per school. Also among all the essays seniors write, scholarship essays are not the most crucial; college essays are.

Scholarships come second, after college applications. There is no need for scholarships if you are not going to college. This is also a cause for the overwhelming amount of seniors who have not applied for any scholarships. Procrastination supporting habits have led a lot of seniors to put off supplemental essays. They are now feeling the effects of delaying their work.

While Lindblom’s senior class of 2017 has been affected by stressors, their dreams have not. Most seniors plan on applying to 10-12 schools. That’s a lot of supplemental essays. The poll also found that some of the seniors are going past applying to 10-12 schools, seniors plan on applying to over sixteen schools. These are big dreams, especially for a class behind on scholarships. However, students like Jacques Potts, who “already applied to sixteen”, give the class of 2017 hope for staying on top of things.

andrea-poll-college andrea-poll-scholarships


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