Eagles Inspecting Their Nest


By: Gabriela Morales

On a survey conducted to see how the high school students feel about their high school, 80% of students ranked it a seven or higher.

Though most high school students at Lindblom ranked the high school very high, the words they used to describe Lindblom were a variety: some positive, others negative. The words used to describe Lindblom from the fifty students surveyed ranged from students describing it as beautiful and creative, to challenging and tiring, and even as far as “sucky” and irritating.

When asked why the student described Lindblom as sucky, she said, “[Sucky] because I liked Lindblom freshman year, but now that I’m a senior everyone is asking a lot from me. It just sucks.”

This senior also mentioned that her senior year teachers were asking a lot from her when she already had the pressure from college and scholarship applications. This student ranked Lindblom a three.

Many students who said that Lindblom was challenging was because of Jumprope and the new grading system.

One student commented, “I’m not gonna graduate with the new grading system.” The student said this because they believe the grading system will drop their GPA which is worrying for anyone.

The students who descried Lindblom as challenging were also the students who said that they would change Jumprope if they could. This was twenty percent of the students surveyed.

Though these are negative comments and results, there was a number of students who praised Lindblom and had positive words to describe it. These students were the ones that ranked Lindblom either a eight, nine, or ten. When asked why they described Lindblom as unique, he said, “[Lindblom] is unique because it offers a variety of class courses and programs we can take that you can’t get from other high schools.”

When showed some of the other comments and rankings other students gave Lindblom, he was shocked and said they were “unappreciative”. This was one of the students who ranked Lindblom a 10. As shown by our data, Lindblom hosts a very diverse group of students either extremely satisfied or upset with how our school is being run. We can only assume the changes that those not satisfied would want to make, but there are definitely some bright points about our school that even the most “irritated” student must enjoy.




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