Where The Wild Things Are


By: Vanessa Diaz

Into the Woods, a first year colloquium at Lindblom, is offering experiences for students interested in the environment and performing hands-on activities that will help preserve it. Run by English teacher, Mrs. Simon, the class takes trips once or twice a month to locations such as Whistler Woods and Theodore Stone Forest, two prominent forest preserves in Cook County.

Their first trip was on Sept. 22nd 2016 at Whistler Woods, where they toured the site, trimmed and collected tree branches, and had a campfire at the end to bond and reflect on their day.

The class is actually conjoined with another colloquium class, Stewardship in the Forest Preserves, which is run by Science teacher, Ms. Levites. The combination of both classes allows flexibility with the projects that are yet to come. Also, it allows student input and clarifying the volunteer work that needs to be done at the preserves.

The class is not limited to a specific grade level, so you will find a wide range of students between freshmen and seniors! The courses are opened to all who enjoy nature and would like to learn more about ecosystems.

Senior Jasleen Kaur says, “It’s fun! It’s very refreshing and calming, being in the woods and getting fresh air is something I feel I needed to experience. Some days are more busy than others, but the class itself is pretty fun. I enjoy my classmates and the volunteers we meet at the forest sites.”

The class is also very interactive, and the students communicate well. The class has created a Google Classroom page where they share updates on field trips and photos of their work days and experiences at the site. They are also planning on creating a blog where the students can share their experiences and ideas for the future activities they wish to do.

Their next trip will be Wednesday, November 16th 2016.


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