Soaring to New Heights

dsc_0072By: Paiton Watkins

This year’s cheer team started the year off with a bang.  Dazzling girls, with maroon and gold poms have taken over LMSA; proving their technique and stunting to be quite exquisite.  From the field, to the court, these girls help cheer our teams on to victory.   

The team has certainly progressed from years past; practicing day in, and day out to make every routine as best as possible.  A few changes were made by breaking in new members, and adding a new coach, our very own Ms. Copper.

So far, the team has performed at all football games, and the fall sports pep rally.  Future events include basketball games, the winter sports pep rally, and a cheer competition in January.

Senior member, Nia Gray says, “You can look forward to very clean, high energy routines.”

A few of the girls say they enjoy cheerleading because of the adrenaline rush it brings.  “The strong bond we have as a team is what gives us that pizzaz,” Nia Gray also said.  “I will greatly miss it all once I graduate.”

These LMSA girls are not your stereotypical cheerleaders.  They represent the most important parts of cheerleading: kindness, courage, integrity, and friendship.  They work together, united as one.  Each girl with her own unique talent, bringing a special asset to the team.  

Sophomore member, Mikayla Knighton says, “It really is a sisterhood, and a lot of other teams don’t have that.  We truly are connected inside and outside of practice.”  

Coach, Ms.Copper says, “The girls will be attending a workshop this winter to better improve their skills on the court, getting them ready for basketball season.”

We look forward to seeing how our Eagles will soar this year!


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