Swooping Away the Competition


By: Jalen Morris

Along with second year coach Justin Pressley, Lindblom returned some major talent.Lindblom returned senior Running Back Ryan Weatherspoon, junior Wide Receiver Carlton Rutherford, and senior Defensive End Nikolas Dickens. After finishing with a 7-0 record in conference and an overall record of 8-2, Lindblom looked to improve on their 8-2 mark last season.

After a disappointing 0-3 start to the season, Lindblom’s football team began to turn the corner as they entered conference play. While in conference play, Lindblom earned a 4-2 record with wins over Uplift, Collins, Marshall, and Robeson. Their strong play in conference earned them a spot in the city’s playoffs. Lindblom entered the city’s playoffs with a 4-4 record overalland faced Perspectives as they looked to advance in the playoffs. The game started off real close until Perspectives ran away with it in the second half. The final score ended up being 34-7.Ultimately, this was the last game for the seniors and an end to the season for the Lindblom Eagles.

Lindblom Eagles Football 2016-17 from Lindblom Talon on Vimeo.

“Tough way to end the season but it was a good one, we fought through the entire way and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to play with,” junior Wide Receiver Carlton Rutherford said.

“It was fun playing with my teammates,” senior Outside Linebacker and Defensive End Jacques Potts said after the game.

Although it was a sad end to the season for the Eagles, there is still room for improvement with plenty of talented players returning for next season.


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