Lindblom’s New Romeos and Juliets


By: Kandace Perry

Ms. Hand, a theater teacher, has put together a team of students who will compete against other high schools around the city of Chicago. This includes forty schools , such as Kenwood Academy, Niles North, Westinghouse College prep and many more.

Battle Of The Bard is a community of students who work together to develop plays based off Shakespeare original works. They are taking famous Shakespeare stories and modernizing them. It lets the actors take on stories that are very influential and lets them transform the plays into their own style.

The group met on Saturday, November 5, 2016, for a group workshop and will meet again on Monday, November 14, 2016, for a preliminary bout. When they met last Saturday at Senn High school Lindblom won the regional contest and are will now be advancing to the finals. Finals will take place On November 14, 2016 beginning 6 p.m. at Navy Pier. Tickets will be available, see Ms. Hand for more details.

Ms. Hand has said about the competition, “Battle of the Bard has created a space where students from all over the region can come together and share a joy of performing some of the most beautiful words written in English.”

Students have also formed bonds and made friendships throughout the competition with students from different schools and regions. Students, who aren’t in the competition, have also come to enjoy the work that has been put into the team and the events.

Senior Mario Chandler said, “Battle Of The Bards is one of the most interesting takes on Shakespeare in a modern form. I love how they change it up to match their own unique styles.”

The team consists of Stephanie Johnson, Kayla Hicks, Esperanza Perez, Myah Seay, Brandon Lozano, Mia Jones, Jordan Quinn, Jazmin Gonzalez, and Ms. Hand as their coach.This group is sponsored by Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Whichever school wins will get a chance to perform on Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s stage in front of a crowd in November.

A lot of Lindblom students are very intrigued by this interesting opportunity, “ It is very exciting to see young people involving themselves in such sophisticated plays. It may help develop their future careers” senior Ruby Diaz said.

This is a wonderful opportunity that our students are being given, to develop relationships with other actors, to meet new friends, and to have friendly competition among the schools. Not only will the students have fun, but they will also learn along the way. They will learn to understand some of Shakespeare’s text and learn to use new acting tools.


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