Lindblom Students Participate in UMICH Tech Day


By: Derrick Denton

Tech Day is the University of Michigan College of Engineering’s annual fall event that invites prospective college students to explore Michigan Engineering. The program is designed to give prospective students a sense of Michigan Engineering. High school students in the 11th and 12th grades and prospective college transfer students are welcome to participate in a full day of scheduled events!

Twenty Lindblom junior and seniors took the opportunity to participate in this experience for the first time on October 1st. All twenty were personally invited after exhibiting stellar performance in the school’s engineering program and robotics team. They went for two days and one night.

The second and final day was the actual Tech Day. On Tech Day, engineering students set up booths and showcase their majors. The different majors at the showcase were nautical engineering , industrial engineering , electrical engineering , and mechanical engineering just to name a few.

Lindblom senior Erinn Thomas has a keen interest in mechanical engineering. Erinn has been a part of Lindblom’s robotic team since freshman year and is very interested in continuing to study mechanical engineering in college and use it as a possible career.

Lindblom senior Destiny El-aton said, “We got to stay with college students in their dorms. They talked about about what they were learning which made me get a better sense of what college life at the University of Michigan was like.” All students truly enjoyed the experience, and they look forward to progressing in the engineering fields.

The University of Michigan College of Engineering is one of the top engineering schools in the country. Their research budget is one of the largest of any public university. Its faculty and students are making a difference at the frontiers of fields as diverse as nanotechnology and robotics. They are involved in spacecraft missions across the solar system, and they have developed partnerships with automotive industry leaders to transform transportation.


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