Boys Soccer Season Overview


By Clare Tendian

The Varsity Boys Soccer team just finished their season on Oct. 13, leaving their home field at Lindblom Park not that satisfied with how their season turned out.

“Well it was sort of a disappointment having lost almost all of our conference games,” junior Jullian Kluka said. Kluka been on the team for three years and played as winger position. Our varsity soccer boys have won 1 game, and lost 5  and tied once in Conference. Even though there aren’t many wins, there are still highlights from the season.

First-year assistant coach, Mr. Alaves said, “The highlight of our season was our 2-1 victory over UNO Garcia.  It was the last conference game of the season as well as our last home game, filled with lots of emotion since it was senior night, played in pouring rain, gusty winds, and sleet, and we came back from down 0-1 to score 2 goals and win 2-1.  The win also allowed us to stay up in our new division and not be relegated to a lower division.”

There are some favorite moments as well. For senior Eduardo Pallares,  his favorite moment was scoring against Back of The Yards. Eduardo been on the team for four years and played as forward, middle and goalie.

Even though the season didn’t go so well for the players, Coach Alaves thought it was a good season.

Coach Alaves said, “They played hard and showed great respect throughout the season, so much so that multiple referees thanked us for our effort and class.  I am confident that our players learned valuable lessons that will contribute to their successes in soccer, academically, and beyond.”

  Both Jullian and Eduardo learned many things from this past season that can improve them as players.

Jullian said, “Well you just need to be mentally and physically prepared every game and make sure the team is because it’s most importantly a team effort.”


Eduardo said, “We need to give it our all since day one in order to improve as a team.”

Let’s hope next season is as good as this one!


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