‘Last Seance’ has us dying with laughter


From Left to Right: Jazmin Gonzalez, Maya Seay, and Britteny Burns

by Autumn Harris

“Animal spirits hear us. We call for the spirit of Killer, the loving and faithful poodle whose life was cut short in a tragic yet blissful over indulgence of chocolate. Come to us Killer. Make your presence known.”  

This is a line from the comedic, yet mysterious, play entitled Last Séance by Herb Hasler; The Lindblom Drama Department has presented another hit. Director Ms. Kam, Assistant Director Ms. Hand, and Stage Crew Director Ms. Boudreau worked long hours to make this play a success, and they have succeeded. The timing of the sound and lighting was superb. Every single cue was on time and made the play even more fascinating.

Click on picture below to see the entire gallery.

Fall Play 2016

Click on picture above to see the entire gallery.

Last Séance is about a poor family who scammed unsuspecting people during séances to make a quick buck. Eunice, the wife of George and the mother of Lilith, is the pretend medium while everyone else (George, Lilith, and Beatrice) helps out with the tech part of the séances. Beatrice, Eunice’s assistant, researches the lives of the many unsuspecting people and the dead people they’ve come to speak to. The séances are what fund the family’s income, thereby making them take it as serious as if there life depended on it, which it does.

The actors were focused and fully memorized. I would like to applaud Maya Seay and Jordan Avery for their stellar acting.  Maya played Eunice, a wife and mother pretending to be a medium for money, and Jordan played Beatrice, an eccentric, but wise, secret medium. Also, Kudos to Brandon Lozano for his humorous performance as Jake/El Magic-O. His confetti throwing was definitely a hit with the audience.

Normally, at first thought, people wouldn’t really see the humor in séances. They would probably see it more as a horror or maybe even mystery, but the séances done in the play were portrayed as a comedy, a very interesting choice. Last Séance really made you understand what lengths people will go to for money, and how frighteningly funny it can be.


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