Meet our Posse (winners)



By: Derrick Denton

Posse awarded five posse scholars for the class of 2017. Next year, Lindblom posse scholars will be attending: Giselle Casteneda (Depauw University) , Avery Nelson(Pomona College) , Nia Gray (University of Michigan) , Gustavo Tovar (University of Michigan) ,and Jacob Thomas (Oberlin College).

Over the years Lindblom students have done well with the Posse process. They have persevered through the multiple rounds of the process and showed the interviewers that they possessed the qualities to receive the scholarship.

The Posse scholarship covers full tuition to one of the Posse Chicago schools, and students attend the school with nine other individuals who are considered your posse. Last year ten seniors received the scholarship and continued on to top liberal arts and STEM schools in the country.

Senior Nia Gray who will be attending the University of Michigan next year stated,”The process was really long and drawn out , and I was really scared because I could never really tell if I was doing a good or bad job.”

Gray also added, “I’m a little nervous about going to Michigan next year because I’m going without my friends and twin sister. Yet I am also excited because Michigan has a great engineering program and I didn’t expect to be admitted.”

Giselle Castaneda, who will be attending Depauw University in the fall of 2017, exclaimed, “The process was overwhelming because it was long. I didn’t know if I would actually receive the scholarship because of the numerous rounds until I made it to the final one.”

“I’m excited to attend DePauw. I already met some of my posse, and we clicked right away. It will be a different environment for sure , but it is something I look forward to,” she said

Posse Chicago schools include : Agnes Scott College , Connecticut College , Cornell University , Denison University , University of Michigan , and University of Wisconsin-Madison just to name a few.

No Posse Chicago schools are in the proximity of Chicago because the program encourages students to venture to a unique university and grow as a person and student with their posse. Over 1,000 kids start off in the first round of the posse interviews and as the rounds go on the selections are narrowed down to about 100 Posse finalists who receive the scholarship and are admitted to one of the Posse Chicago schools.

Students who make it to the final round but aren’t chosen to receive the scholarship get the backup option of completing the Posse access process. This is where students have the chance to be in contact with all Posse affiliated schools. Schools interested in the students talk to them about admission into their university , financial aid , and scholarships available.

Lindblom counselors take pride in making sure all students who are interested take advantage of this scholarship opportunity, encourage them to accept being a finalist, and are delighted to know that their students are going to college free of tuition.

All seniors are taking advantage of scholarship opportunities and are finishing up their college application process. Most seniors are even beginning to get accepted into their top choices and are comforted to know that their hard work in the previous years have payed off.

With the help of Lindblom counselors staying on seniors to honor deadlines and take advantage of all scholarship opportunities, Lindblom seniors have formed a reputation of being eager and successful when it comes time for the college process.




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