App Inventory Colloquium


By: Paiton Watkins

This year, App inventory is a new colloquium added to the list.  How interesting to learn the history of creating apps, but what if you could make your own?  This colloquium offers just that for you.  

App inventory, taught by Mr. Calderbank, is a class in which students can work on completing their own apps.  Mr. Calderbank said, “The students use special software that allow them to create any app they can think of.”

Sometimes, the students work together on apps, while other times they work individually.  The app process can be long or short depending on what the student wants to add to it.  A student says, “I have been working for a while, trying to make my own math calculator; which takes more time.”  Special talents like artistry, and 3D designing, is needed to work on decals and animations for a few apps.

Mr. Calderbank said, “The turnout for the class is great, more people joined than I thought.  Possibly, I would like to see a few more girls join the team.”  App inventory is a class welcoming creativity and new ideas.  Exercising individuality is an important key to life.

The class also stresses the importance of teamwork.  Sharing viewpoints, and swapping ideas are great ways to mingle and meet new friends at school.  App inventory is open to those of all grade levels, no prior knowledge is needed to participate.

Classes such as App Inventory allow all to find their own special place at Lindblom. Such variety is what makes our Wednesdays special, so begin to check out all the new classes we have to offer.

Take a look at App Inventory for second semester, the team wants you!




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