Lindblom and The Presidential Election

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By: Imani Ameen

As election season came upon us, many students felt excited. Various seniors were happy to actively engage in the election through voting and serving as election judges.

Senior De’Ahn Huddleston says, “ I am very happy to be able to vote this upcoming election. Every vote matters and  I finally can get the chance to actively participate in that change I want to see in the world”

In addition, although many students did not meet the age criteria to vote, some students still served their civic duty by becoming student judges.

Senior Marietou Sherrod says, “I was very disappointed that I could not vote. I felt that this election was very important in  determining the fate of our country, however serving as an election judge did teach me a lot about the importance of voting. It also felt good to see a lot of people within my own community coming out to vote.”  

As you can see, one way or another students took the initiative on November 8th to voice their opinions and take a glimpse of all the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Upon returning to school the day after elections, student  had mixed feelings about the results of the election. Not only were students hoping to finally see a female in office, but also hoping  to maintain many of the programs that Obama implemented while he was in office. In particular, many student of Hispanic and African American backgrounds were hit the most.

As President Elect Trump won the electoral vote, students were left feeling  worried and self-conscious. Worried about the futures of the parents and families, and self-conscious about programs that aid them or their family (medicaid or medicare).

Senior Serenity Wilson says, “I am not happy with the president that we have currently elected. I am disappointed that I could not participate with the election by voting because I am too young.”

While students throughout the school, felt mixed emotions about the outcome of the election, Lindblom provided endless support and made the school a safe haven for anyone who did not feel comfortable. Lindblom’s teachers and staff has encouraged students to step up and take action in local politics, so that students voices will be heard and make a change. Needless to say, as the election has came and went Lindblom students are determined to stand up for what is right by any means necessary.



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