New Age Poets

c2e2fqfxgaazvujBy: Kandace Perry

Lindblom’s poetry colloquium is a great way to help students express their emotions. This is not just a colloquium for high schoolers; it varies from academic center students to seniors with Ms. Nolan, Mr. Heiserman and Kush Thompson as their coaches. Thompson is from Youth Chicago Authors (YCA) who comes and assist the young poets along with their teachers.

Senior LaNiah Moon said, “It’s exciting to hear the new voices that come out of the poetry club. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to express theirs truths and receive support from the Lindblom student body.”

Some students demonstrate their spoken word by performing their poems spontaneously in the hallways. This give a glimpse of the their abilities to perform in front of a large group of people and try to attract more of an audience to come their competitions.

In the colloquium they do a lot of workshops in which they work on many different writing techniques. They read different poets work then try to mimic their style. This lets the students explore lots of different writing techniques which can help them  find a style that works best for the student. Once they are able to find their unique writing style they can begin working on perfecting it.

They practice Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The poetry club often recruits students to come and be apart of this colloquium. They are very welcoming and encouraging to new poets, so if you are interested you should go join next semester.

The poetry colloquium  had a regional slam competition against Team Englewood on Dec. 17,2016 at 9:30 a.m. at Team Englewood. At the competition, they placed 3rd. The upcoming competition is called captain’s council and will take place Jan. 21, 2017 and crossing the street competition will take Feb. 11, 2017 at Tilden High school.

Senior Nia Gray was looking forward to the club’s upcoming competitions.

“I can’t wait to see their first competition,” Nia said, “They always do such an amazing job, so I’m excited to see what they have in store for us this year.” 

Good luck to our Lindblom poets!



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