Ticket Prices are Go Cubs Go-ing up


By: Kiara Robinson

The Chicago Cubs have announced that they will be raising the price of their tickets by 20 percent after winning the World Series in 2016.

The Cubs have been in a World Series drought for 108 years and with the curse broken there is a higher demand. The overall attendance at Wrigley has increased by 313,000 which Colin Faulkner, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, believes was an “unprecedented demand”.

In a press conference Faulkner said, “Trying to capture that demand and continue the progress on the field, and [with] our mission to field a consistently competitive team, no surprise, we’ll be increasing season ticket prices.”

The Cubs have been one of the highest-priced clubs in baseball even when the team was struggling. When they lost 95 games in 2002, they had an average ticket price of $24.05. In 2006, when their record dropped even more they had an average price of $34.30. Even with their high prices and low records, Cubs’ fans been willing to support their team.

Lashunda Jointer, a devoted Cubs fan, when asked about the new prices of tickets said, “Even with the price of the tickets raised I still plan to go and support the team at Wrigley.” While some fans are willing to pay other the difference others are not.

Senior Kevin Perkins, a Sox fan and Chicago resident said, “The prices are too high, and this is another reason why I won´t be attending a Cubs game.”

When you win the World Series after 108 years and break a curse, you should be able to raise the price of tickets. After the Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 2005, the team raised the ticket prices at U.S. Cellular field, so the Cubs should be able to do the same.



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