Lindblom Basketball Season Review

DSC_0181.JPGBy: Maria Garcia

Without much support from alumni or propaganda the girls’ basketball team still managed to start strong and maintain their strength with an impressive record of 7-0 in their conference.

When asked about how the girls’ basketball team was doing, Sgt. Lawson, the coach,  said, “We are undefeated” with a proud, serious face.

The team’s center Kaia Morrison, most known for her three pointers. When asked on how the Monday’s game went, Dec. 5th, she said, “We won by like 20 points. We always win.”

Basically backing up the fact that the team has completely dominated the conference. The most recent game was on Wednesday, Jan. 11 against Corliss High, and they won with a score of 66-10. Go out and support lady Eagles on their road to a conference championship win.         

The Boys Basketball team has had a tough season this year with four wins and seven losses overall. After being undefeated and winning last year’s conference championship, the Boy’s Basketball team ascended to the red central conference, where teams such as Curie and Kenwood play.

A Lindblom student and Boy’s Basketball team supporter, Khylah Everage, said,  “I still have hope for the boys to pull through for the last six games of the season.”

Although the team’s record is not the best there has been a few highlights, senior guard Jacqui Orr led the team to a win over Clark, on Dec. 10, by scoring 15 points out of the 47 points scored against Clark.

When asked to give a statement on the current season Derrick Denton, a player on the Boy’s Basketball team, said “We didn’t start off the way we expected, we are still learning, and we will work on our mistakes.” Hopefully, they use this season as a learning experience to better themselves for next year. 


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