Barack Obama creates legacy: A look through the lens of our 44th President

US president Barack Obama

By: Taiya Jones

Barack Obama left office as the first African-American President, a great political leader, a husband, father, and a legend; through his poise and effort of fighting for the American people while being a genuine spirit to himself and everyone he came in contact with. Obama lead the United States of America for eight years. While politics were his number one priority, he didn’t let it change him. Instead, he allowed it to influence his character into becoming a better man, a better person that he and the people can be proud of.

Chicago school teacher, Brittany Jones, witnessed Obama on her college campus in the year of 2008 and was inspired by his wisdom which influenced her to follow him over all eight years. “ He truly is the epitome of excellence,” she said.

Legends across multitudes of industries such as entertainment, politics, sports, and education have all been defined as people who left their legacy in the hands of the people. Leaving a legacy isn’t about how many records sold, or how many rings received but the impact left engraved in the hearts of day to day citizens. Obama made it his effort to inspire the lives of people of all races, genders, and religious backgrounds.

His consistent determination to see change for people which would ensure a better, unified life, created a platform of love and kindness. A platform, which didn’t take long for the American people to jump on the bandwagon. The leadership qualities displayed during the eight years during office were only a part of the greatness that attracted the American people. His warmth and genuity encouraged people to be better and to live better. We all look to someone to be a role model and to be inspirational, Obama did just that.

It was important that throughout Obama’s time in office, it was strictly about business. This flowed into his relationships with his wife and children. The sacrifices his children had to make in order for him not to have any scandals or issues, limited their ability to participate in activities; simplifying failing at having a normal life.

This shows that Obama put the importance of America before his family’s own happiness; showing a certain responsibility to his job. Although times were tough, his unmeasurable ability to be a father before a President was impeccable. He put just as much effort on the job, as he did off the job.

Writer, Virginia Postrel said, “Barack Obama has brought glamour back to American politics – not the faux glamour-by-association of campaigning with movie stars or sailing with the Kennedys, but the real thing. The candidate himself is glamorous. Audiences project onto him the personal qualities and political positions they want in a president”.

Many people could disagree to the greatness of Obama. That his years in office were a waste because of their opinionated feelings toward what they felt he should have done better. The facts are there of what we did and what he didn’t. However, it is not the position of what was done in office, but the importance of the relationship he built with America.

Obama’s vision is authentic, he brought authenticity to the people, which gave them something to hold on to. The people who have believed in Obama, trusted him and invested in him; are the people who sewed his legacy into their hearts and he will forever be remembered for being a great man in and out the oval office.


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