Carrie Fisher dies of a heart attack: Star Wars fans fear for Future of franchise


By: Aidan Macgregor

Film star and icon Carrie Fisher died of a heart attack at age 60, on Dec. 27, and many people ask what this will mean for the Star Wars franchise?

There is speculation that the next movies will use CGI to recreate her. This was done before with deceased actor and BAFTA award winner Peter Cushing and Fisher herself in Rogue One.

However, Star Wars VIII has already been shot and will be debuted as normal, but Star Wars IX is still unclear. Blogger and writer Lucas Siegel from predicts that Disney will not recreate Fisher using CGI, but will use extra footage for the next movie.

In Rogue One, the studio used CGI to recreate Peter Cushing, the actor and BAFTA winner who played General Tarkin in Star Wars IV. Siegel said, “Don’t expect the same to be done in the case of Leia.”

Scott Mendelson from Forbes says that her death will, “turn an already big movie into an event.” The next movie was already predicted to be a big seller, but he predicts a larger audience to see Fisher’s last performance.

Her recent performance in Star Wars VIII: The Force Awakens reminds people of the character she created. She has been Princess Leia for over forty years, and many people think she cannot be replaced.

Mark Hamill, the actor of Luke Skywalker in the films, said, “it’s never easy to lose such a vital, irreplaceable member of the family, but this is downright heartbreaking. Carrie was one-of-a-kind who belonged to us all — whether she liked it or not. She was OUR Princess.”

Fisher was also a successful writer who was totally open about herself. She wrote about  struggling with substance abuse and living with bipolar disorder, and this made her even more of an icon to her viewers.


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