The Living Love The Walking Dead

the_walking_dead_season_7_sdccBy: Taliah Ray 

The Walking Dead is a combination of the best special effects, the best actors, and the best plot twists. This isn’t your typical zombie apocalypse show where all the people do is run from zombies and search for food. This show includes all types of dangers in a world where you not only have to worry about protecting yourself from flesh eating zombies, called walkers, but you also have to worry about constant new human threats.

This is a zombie show, but it includes so much more, like struggles for power, hope, sadness, happiness, greed, and even romance! The Walking Dead has plenty of horror, drama, and some comedy. What more could you ask for?

The main character is a man named Rick who is an all around good man and leader who always does everything he can to take care of his family and his group. Every character on the show shows some form of growth.

Rick has always been a leader, yet he’s constantly showing a new side through every struggle. There are always new struggles and new characters and they never stay in one place long enough for the show to get boring.

The actors are always great, and not only convey emotion, but they make you feel the emotion. Every episode, each character finds a way to make me feel anger, sadness, pride and more.

When they add new characters to the show, they are usually weak and do stupid things, like freeze up when they see walkers. The best part is when the characters reach a breaking point and get tough. You get to see that a lot in The Walking Dead and that is the part when you just want to stand up and clap.

I am always left in a frenzy and they find a new way to blow my mind every episode. This is why they have an hour long talk show called Talking Dead, to discuss everything. There is always so much to talk about.

Their fans are one of the most dedicated, having to follow a seven season plot. They appreciate the surprises put in there by the writers, and they love just how well thought out it is.

“The Walking Dead is one of the best shows out there. It’s been out for seven seasons, and it’s a show that keeps you interested for years,” Senior Taylor Nevils said, “The plot always surprises you with character deaths, obstacles they face and new places they find. It also prepares you because now I know what to do when a zombie apocalypse happens.”

Senior Johari Green agrees, “[It] grasps my emotions and keeps me interested all the time.”

Overall, The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on T.V. today. Anyone who hasn’t gotten a chance to watch it need to head to Netflix and catch up on what they’re missing.


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