Do police have too much power?



By: Carmen Saez

The discussion of whether police have too much or the right amount of power becomes very delicate. Many argue that, yes, in fact police do have too much power; however, there are opposing opinions, as well. As the issue of the abuse of police power and rights is national, this will primarily focus on Chicago’s police officers.

A study by courthousenews.com, reveals a police force that sometimes shoots at fleeing suspects and into cars when no threat is posed. Officers were seen using violence to punish suspects in place of proper de-escalation techniques.”

The study’s author, Lisa Klein said that many police officers use their arms as an immediate defense when they feel threatened, instead of thinking twice. With an increased amount of training and preparation to become a police officer, the amount of innocent people being shot may then also be reduced.  

Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, told ABC News, “‘Chicago officers endangered civilians, caused avoidable injuries and deaths and eroded community trust that is “the cornerstone of public safety.’”

Gupta said it shows that Chicago policemen are causing more trouble to the innocent civilians than they should be. This leads to the community becoming afraid of an individual that should be providing safety and protection to everyone.

Therefore, in order to avoid the murder and injuries of innocent civilians, the police department must ensure that the policemen are fully prepared to take on their duty. This will be made possible by focusing on de-escalation training and making the use-of-force policies much stricter.

Having well-prepared police officers taking care of our community will prevent them from taking the wrong actions in certain situations. This will then ensure that police officers have the right amount of power to prevent them from abusing their rights.


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