Has FIFA gone too far?


By: Andres Robledo

Earlier this month, FIFA decided to increase the number of teams that participate in this world wide event, the World Cup. The reason behind this is to give smaller nations a chance to participate in the 2026 World Cup.

Right now, most of the teams come from the Americas and Europe, leaving most African and Asian teams out of the picture.

Gianni Infantino, FIFA’s president, said to the New York Times , “Football is more than just Europe and South America. Football is global.”  He believes it’s for the best. Allowing the event to touch smaller countries will be beneficiary.

However, the European Club Association believes otherwise. They said to the New York Times, “We understand that this decision has been taken based on political reasons rather than sporting ones and under considerable political pressure, something E.C.A. believes is regrettable.”

There seems to be a lot of controversy over this big change. There have been a lot of positive and negative views coming from many groups. Not only will there be 48 teams, but also new rules in place, like penalty shootouts to break draws. We will just have to wait and see how these changes affect the game.

I believe that this is a horrible decision by the organization. The World Cup was already great with 32 teams, they did not have to add 16 more. This is just to generate more revenue for FIFA.

They are only thinking about themselves and not their fans. There will be an excessive amount of matches and stadiums will be empty. I don’t think many people would like to go see Egypt vs. Jordan. I mean those additional 16 teams are most likely going to get eliminated anyways, so the additions are useless.

The country hosting the event is also impacted negatively. The country now has to find a  place for those 16 teams to stay and where to train. Those places usually go unused after the event is over. So the country is left with even more unwanted buildings and they will go in ruins. A waste of material and money. Leaving FIFA richer and the host poorer. I just feel like they could have approached this differently rather than just adding more teams.


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