Views on Drake’s Views


By: Kyla Danzy

If you’re into R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Dancehall check out Drake’s latest album, it won’t disappoint. On April 29, 2016 Canadian artist Drake put out his fourth studio album “Views”.  The album was originally supposed to be named “Views from the 6”. On Twitter Drake confirms that “the 6” is a reference used towards his hometown Toronto, Ontario because of the cities two area codes, 416 and 647. Later on Twitter, he confirmed that the name had been shortened.

The album has 20 songs on it and lasts an hour and 21 minutes. The album is supported by five singles, “One Dance” featuring WizKid and Kyla, “Hotline Bling”, “Pop Style”, “Controlla”, and “Too Good” featuring Rihanna.

Junior Kiarra Gilliam said, “It was good but not as good as some of his other work”. Kiarra says her favorite song is “Weston Road Flows”. This song talks about how Drake has come from recording songs in his friend’s basement to being nominated for People’s Choice Awards.

Drake uses songs such as “Fire & Desire”, “Hotline Bling”, and “Too Good” to talk about relationship problems and how feelings for someone never really go away.  Songs such as “Views”,“Pop Style”,“Hype”, and “Grammy” featuring Future have a successful vibe, describing the great success over the years. In Drake’s song “Hype” he says, “Done. Look what I’ve done in my life”. Telling his audience to look at the things he’s done over the years

With all these songs one may think that it is all over the place and there is no straight topic. Junior Thomas Fults says, “It was ok. There wasn’t a direct sound. Mixed emotions were everywhere”. Thomas goes on to say his favorite song is “Views”.  

Views” was nominated for Best Rap Album and Album of the Year at the 59th Grammy Awards. His single “Hotline Bling” was nominated for Best Rap Song and his single “Pop Style” was nominated for Best Rap Performance. As of Jan. 1, “Views” has sold 1.61 million copies. And on Dec. 1, 2016 “Views” was certified four-time platinum. It was the first album to have one billion streams on Apple Music. It spent 13 weeks at the number one on the US Billboard 200. “Views” was in the top 50 Best Albums of 2016 in “The Rolling Stone“. “Views” has obviously been getting a lot of attention.

Overall, my favorite song on the album was “Fire and Desire”. In the song, Drake expresses his love for a woman that has already committed to another man. He talks about how they know they have feelings for each other, but the woman isn’t sure if she wants to leave the man she is with. Rumors spread that the song was about his Cash Money labelmate, Nicki Minaj, who at the time was engaged to Drake’s foe, Meek Mill.

In the song, Drake says, “They throwing dirt on my old name.” I, for one, think from the previous problems Drake and Meek Mill have had, such as the diss tracks they have both made about each other, Meek could be the one throwing dirt on Drake’s “old name”. This is my favorite song because it expresses Drake’s true feelings and shows him reminiscing over a former lover.

Drake says, “The album is based on the change of seasons in our city…”. I do think the album had mixed emotions everywhere but, we know Drake to be a very passionate artist. So the constant switch in emotion that this album possessed didn’t really surprise me. Altogether, I consider “Views” a great album maybe even one of the greatest to release in 2016.



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