G Herbo’s Gift to the Fans


By: Ryan Weatherspoon

Despite us giving thanks for all of the good that had already came  to us, G-Herbo wanted to give all his fans thanks and make our holidays even better. On Thanksgiving Day, Herbo released his brand new mixtape Strictly 4 My Fans. In this project, that is constructed of 11 tracks, G-Herbo displays  poetically through his  lyrics meaning about his struggles,dreams, and Chicago violence that he witnessed in his Eastside Chicago “hood”

Throughout many of his tracks,  Herbo fully expresses his relationship with his fans and their feelings towards  him.

Lindblom senior Nikolas Dickens, “Herbo is known for being an artist that always is  holding out on his work.”

Herbo goes into depth about that explaining his thought process. In the intro song to the mixtape, Herbo gives his thoughts.

“I know and I feel like all my day 1 fans supporters they know everything that happened with me is fully organic,you know it wasn’t nothing forced it ain’t fly by night s**t.” With this being said, this line is referring to his coming of fame he is expressing that his rise was due to his work ethic and not pushing his music somewhere he knew it wasn’t ready for.

Herb continues to say, “It’s meant to be something real and it’s going to be something real… I want to make them wait and I try to make em wait, but that ain’t even the case.” Herb is stating that his music is a process, and there is most definitely meaning behind the process, he is anticipating a long term effect on people with his music.

When asked about his take on the project,  junior Josh Bufkin responded saying, “Man this is what I have been waiting for, even though it make take a little time Herbo never fails us.”

This comes as a surprise because this project is less ferocious than his mixtape Welcome to Fazoland or its more spiritual successor Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe a.k.a B.L.I.K . Within this mixtape, there is a different approach, a whole new element and sound  is explored. He uses different tempos within many songs on the project.

Herbo conveys a sexual feeling from the song “Pull Up”, however the next track “Control” with potential of being a hit conveys a more manipulative like tone. While the sort of bone-deep fatigue is the fragile storyline for many of Herbo’s  best song’s, Strictly 4 My Fans is anything but soft hearted. If anything, he sounds reborn,like he’s been put up for to long. You just have to go here it for yourself to get a real understanding. Remember you heard it here first !


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