On Both Sides the Struggle is Real: The teachers’ battle affects the students’ education


By: Andrea Bossi

It’s hard to do your best as a student these days with evil teachers refusing to help you with any of the laborious work they assign. Right?

Clearly teachers – who are busily haggling for fair pay while working extra hours for you and maybe caring for their families – are the evil ones. False. Meeting after meeting teachers and school faculty have assembled to discuss that which they deserve, proper pay and benefits.

When a resolution was reached, it was effective, only seemingly . Now, the Chicago Teachers Union and CPS CEO Forrest Claypool have marched into dissolution yet again. Currently, teachers are being imposed with petty rules and Furlough Days.

Some believe that teachers are simply spoiled, that teachers are paid enough to put extra hours in. However, this simply disregards the fact that teachers already do put extra hours in. But, being faced with regulations that confine teachers within the limits of hourly workers, teachers are now biting back acting as that which they are treated.

Students, imagine being in the teachers’ situation. Imagine that at your job, you were faced with impositions that attempted to minimize your pay but maximize your hours spent working. “I would definitely not clock out and keep working for hours!” senior Jalen Preacely said. Truly place your feet in their shoes.

Now, teachers are restricted from punching out of school early, and they are restricted from punching into school after 7:52 a.m. – eight minutes before school officially starts. If teachers fail to comply, then their pay is docked based on minutes, which requires a lengthy calculation because they are not hourly workers. Petty is that not?

In response to being treated as hourly workers, teachers are striking back with an action that says, fine, we are hourly workers then. Thus, teachers are not working beyond the hours they are paid. This means teachers are not staying after school for tutoring and whatnot.

Time and time again, history repeats. The way the CTU is being treated is plainly the reason unions were created in the first place – to stand and fight for fairness together in critical numbers. Unfortunately, this fight is simultaneously afflicting students’ educations.

Rather than students complaining at teachers, we students should complain with teachers. “It’s all for a good cause even though it affects us students with more rigorous courses, like AP courses,” junior Daniela Tovar said. Agreeably, we students must empathize and not harden this struggle for our teachers – even those we hold reservations towards.


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