Devos: Another shelf in the broken cabinet

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By: Leonardo Alvarez

Is it logical to ask a janitor to perform a surgeon’s job? Or a prison guard to teach at a prestigious university? Or a businessman to do the job of a president? Donald Trump has taken radical figures and placed them into positions of power. Many of these candidates are inept or have juxtaposing ideals for their cabinet.

Betsy Devos, billionaire “philanthropist”, is the Secretary of Education. Devos is against public education. She is known for her beliefs of privatization schools, building of charter schools, and fear of grizzly bears.

In her nomination hearing by the Senate, when asked about firearms in schools, Devoss said, “I will refer back to Sen. Enzi and the school he is talking about in Wyoming. I think probably there, I would imagine there is probably a gun in a school to protect from potential grizzlies,”. The lack of education and reason makes Devos more of a threat to public education than a couple of grizzly bears.

How is it that the woman in charge of public schools does not even believe in the public schooling, has not sent her children to public schools, has not been to public school,  and has not helped public schooling? It is incredulous to believe that this woman is in this position of power.  Her actions will reverse the efforts made by those before her.

One can easily think of people more qualified than Devos, such as an actual public school teacher, a principal, or a superintendent.

Besides Betsy, Trump has added several billionaires to his cabinet. These billionaires have made sizable contributions to the president’s campaign, perhaps, helping themselves secure a seat in power. And many, like Devos, have little experience or radical beliefs which contradicts basic reasoning.

The President’s cabinet emphasizes the President’s own ineptness of being President of the United States.


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