Abortion should be an option

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By: Alexa Diaz

Abortions in the US have always been an argument on the table, but recently became even more relevant after the Trump Administration barged into the White House. These arguments include whether or not a woman should have the right to be able to walk into a clinic or hospital and receive an abortion.

Abortion is an act of terminating a pregnancy and can occur at any point depending the health of the child and/or the mother, but it is argued at what point an abortion should not be able to happen. A conservative male and a liberal male will tell you two completely different arguments and will in many cases deem that their argument is the best one, but why should men continue to make decisions for women and their bodies?

As a female teenager growing up in a patriarchal society, I fear for the future of my reproductive rights. Everyday we stray closer from giving women the rights to their own bodies as we are led by a conservative administration that doesn’t really care for women with health issues who have to choose between their life and a fetus’s.

Criminalizing abortions will only stop safe ones because before Roe v. Wade, women used to perform abortions themselves with wire hangers. This is why we desperately need abortions to remain legal because unsafe abortions can lead to women to hurt themselves internally just to terminate a pregnancy they cannot handle.

Although I do not see myself in the position to ever have an abortion, I do want there to ever be the option for other women to do what they want with their body. Just because I don’t want to put myself in that position, I shouldn’t stop others to make their own decision whether it is different or not.


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