Why you should learn how to pronounce someone’s name

colorful-namesBy: Jai Bartley

When a person is born, their parents have the responsibility to give them a name. It’s the name that you have to go through life with, so when people constantly mispronounce your name, you start to not like your name at all. If I were to constantly mispronounce someone’s name, he/she might take offense after a plethora of times of correcting me of what it actually is.

A name is who you are. It is what you are called from the minute you meet someone to when you leave the Earth and say goodbye. Therefore, you should know and respect someone’s name. To destroy and damage their name through mispronunciation is rude and can offend the person.

Now when just calling off a name on a list or reading it for the first time, there is always a possibility they might just mispronounce a name or two or ten. But when you then proceed to say the correct pronunciation, if they screw it up still and then take offense to you correcting your name, for the person to be upset is out of place.

The task of learning someone’s name is actually quite simple and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It shouldn’t be a conflict, and there shouldn’t be any bickering, just a smooth exchange of correction if need be.


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