Was Tomi Lahren rightfully fired from The Blaze?

qfvctsocvinoyan22ddrBy: Alyssa Diaz

Over the past year, videos of an outspoken, conservative millennial started popping up on millions of Facebook feeds. Whether the videos were shared by critical liberals or supportive fellow conservatives, this self proclaimed political commentator, not journalist, was getting herself and her views out there. Tomi Lahren, host of a show called “Tomi” on The Blaze, is a 24 year old not afraid of voicing her opinions. But when she went on “The View” last month and voiced her opinion on abortion rights, Lahren was suspended and later terminated from her hosting job.

Lahren is famous for opposing the Black Lives Matter Movement, liberal “snowflakes”, Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem, and any other liberal ideal. Many have deemed her opinions on race relations with the police racist and controversial. She has spent a lot of time telling people she is not racist (far more than any non-racist should), claiming that because she also comments on people like Hillary Clinton or how she views diversity she can’t be.

Lahren said while being interviewed by Daily Show host Trevor Noah, “To me, true diversity is diversity of thought, not diversity of color. I don’t see color.”

She followed up on that by saying, “I go after Hillary Clinton, and she’s as white as they come.”

She argues it is her first amendment right to criticize and comment, just as it is everyone else’s first amendment right to protest, have opinions, etc. She even said that those who joined The Women’s March played the victim card and only acknowledge Trump’s wrongdoings and not Hillary Clinton’s.

Personally, I believe her first amendment argument is off base. The amendments in the Constitution protect the citizens from the government, not from each other. Arguing that she can criticize another citizen because of that right doesn’t make sense. She can argue the need for differing opinions, but the argument that the first amendment gives her the right to do so doesn’t add up.

Being a guest on the Mar. 17, 2017 episode of “The View”, Lahren was asked about why, as a constitutional conservative, she considers herself pro-choice. “I am someone that loves the Constitution. I am someone that is for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think that the government should decide what women do with their bodies,” Lahren said.

To this, Glenn Beck, the owner of The Blaze, said, “It takes intellectual honesty and a willingness to actually think these things through and to do more than just read Twitter and Facebook to get your news and opinions.”

Beck also called Lahren a hypocrite and cited Lahren calling out “baby-killers” back in December as evidence of her hypocrisy. He made sure to mentioned that someone who is pro-choice can work at The Blaze, and that is proven true. Amy Holmes, former host of The Blaze show “Real News”, was open with Beck about her pro-choice view.

Because Lahren changed her views and did not have “intellectual honesty” to think it through, she was fired. What is “intellectual honesty” anyways? How does that factor into the rest of what she does on “Tomi”?

Though I may disagree with Lahren on many points, I do not believe she should have been terminated from The Blaze for voicing her opinion. If Amy Holmes could have the same view and keep her job, why can’t Tomi?

My stance on her termination does not mean I support what she stands for, but it does mean I support her right to have an opinion, especially an opinion that differs from the typical conservative point of view.

I believe it is important to hear and understand stories from both sides but also get additional information on top of that as one deems necessary. That is why I believe Lahren is good to have around. I honestly would expect a much worse offense from Lahren to be the reason for her termination.

It seems the conservative way of digging holes they can’t get out of, whether that be in conversations with liberals, other political commentators, or hosts of news programs (Tomi Lahren’s interview with Trevor Noah is a great example of this, in my opinion), still rings true. We see this in Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and many other conservatives’ interviews.

I will not say liberals are completely perfect, but denying someone of natural rights and liberties based on their skin color, sexuality, gender, etc. and creating “alternative facts” are far worse than minor slip ups. This time though, Tomi Lahren didn’t do anything to deserve getting terminated from her job at The Blaze. She is pursing a wrongful termination lawsuit against Glenn Beck which I, for one, hope she wins.


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