Is black culture embraced while black people are not?

screen-shot-2015-08-14-at-4-56-36-pm.pngBy: K’Lynn Brown

Of course black culture is embraced and not the actual black people. Everyone loves versatile hair styles, and the black bodily features. However, no one likes black people.

Everyone loves black features. There are people all over America who get spray tans faithfully because they like the dark skin. There have been websites and mini boutiques that offer women who are as pale as snow spray tans as dark as the darkest chocolate.

People get botox in several areas so make their lips fuller and change the shape of their bone structure to look similar to that of a black person’s. And women will pay thousands of dollars to have surgery to make their bodies more curvy… the curvy shape comes from a black woman but no one will dare admit that.

Kylie Jenner is the epitome of a white woman, who will never admit that she tries so hard to look black (tanned skin, different hairstyles, and surgery on every part of her body) but will continuously receive praises for her unnatural features while no one praises a black woman for her natural features.  “The law of biology says black is dominant and white is recessive because two whites could not possibly make anything darker than themselves.” according to the “Final Call.com”

So many hairstyles are appropriated it’s truly sad. White people specifically enjoy afros, braids, thick coily curls, etc. Meanwhile there are people around America who are being turned down jobs or kicked out of school due to their natural hairstyle. There have been fashion shows with 99% white people and a single person, everyone of them had an afro hairstyle. People in the fashion industry are so infatuated with non black people that they will force those hair types onto people with hair that was not made for afros or braids or bantu knots. Young girls are made fun of for their naps and people of other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds will look at a black person like they are crazy for wearing their natural hair.

Overall, the black human is the superior human because everything comes from black people. “The modern humans came out of Africa to settle Europe are presumed to have had dark skin… early hunter-gatherers in Spain… also had darker skin lacked versions of two genes that lead to depigmentation and pale skin in Europeans today,” according to “science.org”

Black people have melanin specifically to protect their skin from the sun. That’s why so many white people get sunburn and skin cancer. There is nothing to protect them from the sun which should be an obvious fact that Egyptians could not have possibly survived in Africa and be white. They would have died or been in a lot of pain so there is no logical reason Cleopatra is played as a white woman in several movie.

America won’t teach us that Africans had to civilize white people. While white people were still living in caves, Africans were living in their civilized communities where they knew how to read, bathe, create, etc. Why didn’t white people understand the importance of soap, water, and some form of a wash cloth? Oh, because it was all in Africa with the black people because they were here first.



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