The Trump Administration has failed so far

Donald Trump

By: Austin Dye

During the presidential race that doomed many to pick “the lesser of two evils”, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump made many promises that we were not sure he could keep.

This has caused a rebellion to start brewing among his supporters in favor of taking all American business out of foreign countries and bringing it back to America.  Since there are many businesses who extradite their work to developing countries, so that they can save money, this will lead to problems for all parties involved eventually.

 During his campaign, Trump said, “It will be American hands that rebuild this country, and it will be American energy–mined from American sources– that powers this country.”  

This task will prove to be harder than advertised. With contracts signed between these countries and companies, buying them out would put us even further in debt. But what really rose from this topic is a sense of arrogance and patriotism from Americans.  

Those in support of Trump and those against globalization were motivated by this and really brought to the forefront a topic that has long been shelved. Many Americans want back all of our businesses that have decided to move factories overseas because it can help our economy and lower unemployment. I personally am neither for nor against globalization and feel it should ultimately be left up to the business to choose.

Not only Americans are behind this, countries that have received the short end of the stick from multinationals and are still struggling to develop feel that if they aren’t getting any of these businesses to their country to help them get better then no one should.

 To support his mission to get work back, Trump has floated with the possibility of raising and putting quotas on imports to make companies basically have to come back or pay large fines and fees. This is one of many debates that will continue for the next four year and for decades after, especially when thinking back to Trump’s 100 days promises.



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