The dangers of materialism on society

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By: Julian Lee

It’s hard to say exactly where humans get there lust of material goods from. Maybe it’s from the years of consumer conditioning have worked changed our DNA, and even growing up gender roles promote consumerism and invoke a mindset in our youth that tells them to spend and shop.

Boys are told that one day they will have a family and have to provide for their loved and to buy gifts that are equivalent to their disposition. Girls are taught to gain a spouse good enough to take care of them and that will get them the finer things.

Now more than ever people are exposed to luxuries early in life. As you age however, the luxuries can become burdens. The ones you love can become those as well. Those who always need new things just to maintain interests also become tiresome. But once they children are taught the art of the purchase, it is hard to change. They are convinced they need the things they want or throw fits when they are not gotten. These are the kids you do not want any part of when they get older. They are corrupt.

Advertisements and store displays work their magic on the minds of the public. But, you can not blame the merchandise as it is always someone behind the strategic placement of these devilish creations. However, we do not have evil businessmen and women to blame, but instead ourselves. They simply do their job. We the public have to be smarter when fighting for our wallets. We have to show children not to fall into the trap of consumerism.

I can say that it is nothing wrong with indulging every once in awhile. It is when the indulgence is excessive. Anything beyond the necessities is unnecessary and that is what has to be seen. We need not to fall into the consumer’s folly. Most importantly do not base feelings on material items. True love can not be bought.


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