Donald Trump’s ties with Russia should not be trusted

donald and putinBy: Cori Thompson

Donald Trump continues to communicate with Russia behind the backs of the American public. Whenever asked about it, he continues to elude questions and continue to give such high praise of Vladimir Putin. The President of the United States should not be keeping these kinds of secrets, especially when he has not been president for longer than two months.

It is completely understandable for presidents to have secrets. Everyone has a few secrets they don’t want anyone else to know. However, I doubt those secrets could potentially risk the safety of United States citizens. It looks very suspicious for him to be talking to Russia under the radar when it was already suspected for them to have been tampering in the election. It, especially, looks suspicious considering the election results.

Trump’s close relationship with Putin raises a lot of questions for me. What is the true nature of their relationship? If the relationship was honest, then there would be no need for secret conversations. Unless, of course, Russia has a bigger role than we think in Trump winning the election and that is being held over his head.  

More Americans should be concerned with Trump and Putin. Trump alone is enough to be worried about, but adding a secret friendship only makes matters worse for wary Americans. How does Trump expect us to respect, trust, or even like him if he can’t be honest about his actions? I trust my enemies with my welfare more than I trust the president.

Trump’s secrets will be the death of this country. Ultimately, the American people should be able to trust their president. I don’t expect Trump to be a perfect president. The job of running a country can be frustrating and is obviously a tough job to handle. Most, if not all, presidents have told a white lie or two to the public. But where does the border for lie with Trump and Putin? I doubt there is one, and I will bet that will be the downfall of this country.


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