Senioritis is a Serious Syndrome


By: Zariya Butler

Every year, the seniors who graduated from the previous class, always tell the incoming seniors, “ Senior year is easy. You barely do anything, it should be fun.” In actuality, Senior year is the most stressful year. There’s college and scholarship applications, college and scholarship essays, school fees, graduation and prom fees, and to top it off, homework.

Seniors already start the year off with a different mindset since it is their last year. They push through until about the end of the first semester so their transcripts and applications can be completed for college. Because after the college applications, there are scholarship applications, prom and graduation to focus on during the last semester. Seniors begin to slack off, arrive to school late, not take things seriously, and procrastinate. The reason is because they have senioritis.

The term “Senioritis” is used often but is not taken into consideration. Seniors are looked at as being lazy but in all honesty, they are drained. At Lindblom Math and Science Academy, the grading system has been changed every year and the school year of 2016-2017, the grading system has been the worst.

The faculty has made it harder for students to pass and keep their grades up. Teachers have made the work load more intense; e.g. the English IV classes were required to read three books. The students had to read each book within two weeks and write a theme analysis essay about each book. By the end of the semester, another theme analysis had to be written about all three books. With this being at Lindblom Math and Science Academy, students had other honors and AP courses with intense work that consisted of readings as well.  

Yes, school becomes more difficult every year; however, if the previous seniors fully explained the school year and not the highlights of their last year, that may help decrease the confusion of how senior year is fun.

Also, if teachers took into consideration that seniors have a lot of important outside work to do and  made their outside work a part of their lesson plan for the school year, students would probably accomplish a lot more work. This would also help decrease the symptoms of Senioritis.



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