Hope for the Bears

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By Kenya Deanes

Despite a bad season (3 wins and 13 losses) the Bears may still have hope of once again reaching the Superbowl. They have made a journeyman quarterback, Brian Hoyer, seem like a fit to use backup quarterback and a possible quality replacement backup in a younger quarterback Matt Barkley.  

The young, inexperienced rookies have much needed starting experience that otherwise may not have been given to them.  The Bears now have possession of a top 3 draft pick and with it, a chance to draft a new face of their franchise.  

There are a lot of positives for the Bears to look forward to over the next few years, but competition is only getting more difficult for a young and mid-talent level team.  However, more bad seasons can only lead to more development for younger players, higher draft picks, and a better chance at once again reaching a Superbowl victory.  

The Bears compete in the NFC North Division.  This division features the Bears, alongside the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, and Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings are a slightly older team trying to make themselves prepared for the future.  They started off hot, being one of the last remaining undefeated teams in the NFL this season, but soon after fell into a LONG losing streak.  This team cannot remain competitive and offers the Bears the chance to climb one rank higher and become that much closer to reaching the playoffs.

The next team is the Detroit Lions, a feisty and young team that had one of the most comeback victories in the league this season.  They are led by Matthew Stafford and are just beginning to see their potential and become competitive.  In future years it is a strong possibility that the Bears compete for a top spot in the division with this young resilient team.

The last other team in the division is the rival of the Bears, and that is the Green Bay Packers.  For a very long time, these two have had a hatred for each other, and the series between these two is almost even.

The Packers have been good for a long time, and it is questionable whether or not they have hit their prime yet.  A bad start but a red hot win streak topped with a Divisional Round Playoff exit is enough to make fans everywhere question this team.

They were blown out in the playoffs, barely won a playoff game, and started off horribly.  They are old and only getting older, and there are no signs of any franchise saving player coming to save them.  They are doomed for a downfall, and their peak is behind them.  The moment Aaron Rodgers retires, the Bears will shoot up the division ranks and finally top the thorn in their side.

The best and brightest future in this conference resides with the Bears, and it all has the possibility to start this off season on April 27th with the 3rd overall pick.



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