A wave of laws against recreational marijuana usage


By: De’Ahn Huddleston

Do you consider yourself to be a consistent pot smoker for recreational reasons? Well your weed man (or woman), as well as their manufacturer, could be in trouble as the White House administration announces that there will be a greater enforcement of federal anti-cannabis laws.

Since Congress has already made a ban of using federal laws against medical marijuana users, those drugs that Dr. Roman prescribed are perfectly legal. But recreational users are in trouble for, every state-level marijuana marketplace has been operated illegally, as far as the federal law is concerned, but Justice Department prosecutors have largely left them alone. With this, the effort of this enforcement is unnecessary.

The White House administration could not stop the distribution and use of recreational marijuana if they tried with all of the might they have in their ego-filled hearts. White House spokesman Sean Spicer did not make any statements about how or when the crackdown of the use of recreational marijuana would occur.

But this ‘issue’ is nothing of what seems like a mere scare tactic that the administration has come up with to put fear and uncertainty into the hearts of both users and distributors. As expected, the administration does not even have a planned out procedure as to how everything will have happen. When asked about future plans for the crackdown, Spicer referred reporters to the Justice Department for further comments and questions.  

On the other hand, those against legalization were rather ecstatic about the news and said they hoped the Trump administration would prioritize the nation’s public health. Even though weed is said to help medicate pain, nausea, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and many more but who cares about that stuff right?

Still, the White House administration’s initial comments were what echoed across the country, through the illegal marijuana industry all-too-fearful of what the Trump presidency might do to their efforts.


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