Violence in Chicago


By: Brandi Howliet

Violence in Chicago has always been a very big issue. Over the past week 3 kids have been shot and killed, with one murder being caught recorded on FaceBook live. The murders were a senseless act of aggression towards innocent individuals. A total of four hundred people have already been shot since the beginning of the year.  

Citizens of Chicago should think before they commit random acts of violence against people who don’t deserve to get killed. Going to jail for murder is not worth anyone’s freedom. While senseless acts of violence are being committed, families are left to deal with the unbearable pain of losing their loved one. Whoever is found guilty of these crimes should receive a very long sentence in jail for the pain that they’ve caused.

The youth of Chicago needs to be enlightened because it seems almost as if  no one cares for our city. The youth doesn’t get a chance to live their lives due to the violence; people are getting killed for no reason. If stricter gun laws were passed and implemented by police, these events wouldn’t occur as much. Children would be able to play and go outside without fear from their parents that they will not return home. Is this feeling really what the government or President Donald Trump wants out of their citizens?

President Donald Trump tweeted out that if Chicago’s crime rate doesn’t stop increasing he will have no choice but to send out the national guard. This tweet upset many Chicago natives. Even though Chicago is number three on the death toll for this year, Trump fails to realize that there are almost 3 million residents in this city.

Some of these residents may feel as if crime isn’t that big of an issue in certain parts of the city. However, even though crime may not be as high in the Beverly neighborhood as it is in Englewood, each death still affects everyone in the city of Chicago.

Regardless, the violence in Chicago is being noticed not only city wide but by people in higher positions in the country such as the President. Many of innocent people’s lives are being taken for no reason. Change needs to occur in this city, the only way for this change to occur is if the residents of this city come together and collectively put the guns down.


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