A Day Without Immigrants highlights their effect in America

ap_17047637403266_wide-f94f29e02b70dbc75b094fb2a0b90b520dcc99dd-s900-c85By: Daniela Tovar

Immigrants are needed all over, which some people refuse to believe. However, the recent protest, “A Day Without Immigrants” helps highlight contributions immigrants make to the economy in the U.S. This protest also started due to the anti-immigrant policies put into place by President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has had a lot to say on immigrants, placing a ban to several countries, and many people calling it a “Muslim ban”. He has also promised to build a wall to stop illegal immigration.

Sometimes, it seems reasonable to stop immigration on concerns of violence and terrorism. When there are many people in an area, violence is bound to occur, yet immigrants bring in more help than what many people realize. Another claim people have made is that immigrants are taking away jobs from the American born people. Because of this, to some people, immigrants are seen as the cause for these problems.

However, Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary told CNN,“Puzder has at times cited his own fast food workers as willing to work jobs that regular Americans won’t do.” Immigrants do not “steal” jobs, they work hard for the jobs that no one is willing to do, and A Day Without Immigrants protests proves that.

Fox News interviewed Janet Murguia, president of the Hispanic rights group National Council of La Raza, and she said that, “Businesses cannot function without immigrant workers today.” And she is right. “A Day Without Immigrants” was on Thursday Feb.16, and resulted in the closing of many restaurants all over the U.S were planning to operate with short staff, and in some cases, close altogether.

Rick Bayless, a Chicago restaurant owner of the Frontera Grill, and chef, closed some of his restaurants and said he would give a portion of the revenue from the ones that remained open to an immigrant and refugee rights group.

They are often viewed as people who steal jobs, immigrants do affect the united states in a positive way, but immigrants help develop the economy, socially, and truly are what built America and continue to help it flourish today. 


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