Junior year made 10 times worse


By: Danielle Pittman

Junior year is commonly seen as one of the more stressful years of high school. It’s when you start thinking about college and majors and having to take these this test that basically determines if you go to Stanford or Kennedy King.

Lindblom took it upon itself to implement a grading system last year, Proficiency Based Learning (PBL),  that was far different in the beginning but was easily adjusted to. The grading system had a decaying average, a grading scale range from 1-4, and had decimals in between the whole numbers and .5’s. It was clear cut on what grade someone would receive when look at the grading system.

Unfortunately, this year Lindblom took it upon itself to make some adjustments that made grading confusing, and it nearly impossible to get an A. Replacing the decaying average with power law, which all in all gives a prediction on your grade after three grades, completely taking away the decimals. It only had 1-4 grades as whole numbers. Lindblom did not know how much stress these new implementations made, but they are trying to reverse the damage to the mental health of students by making it easier to achieve at least decent grades with minor tweaks every quarter since the 2016 revamp.

These new changes affected the juniors more than anyone expected. It felt as if we were literal test dummies.  Grades weren’t as good as they could have been. This resulted in a not as high GPA that colleges will see coming out of our junior year going into our senior year.

The previous seniors had it hard. But we have it worse. It used to be you practiced for the ACT, and near the 2nd half of the school year you begin to take the ACT. Only the ACT! But a new change implemented this year is that now the SAT created by College Board the new national test to determine what college you’re qualified to get into. The problem with this is that some schools, even with regards to these new implementations, still haven’t switched over. Leaving us with the burden of having to practice and take both ACT AND SAT.

Do you know how many times people took the ACT alone? Just think about taking 2 different tests about 3-4 times each The only way to make this less of a burden than what it already is to somehow get everyone on board with just the SAT and or have a conversion method between the two. Leaving it up to us to take whichever test we would prefer. Our junior year was made 10 times worse because of all of these changes made at once with little to no time to ease in.


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