America’s dirty “President”

By: Nia Gray, Julian Lee, Kevin Perkin, and Cori ThompsonCori_Julian_Kevin_Nia_Group Layout (2)


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  1. If the American people should be able to trust their president, why is it that so many Obama supporters voted for trump during the 2016 presidential election? It was because the working class felt betrayed by their own president and voted for Trump in hopes of change that they weren’t given over the course of an eight year presidency. How and what lies did Donald Trump use during the primaries? So trying to improve foreign relations is a bad thing? Or what…? The Democrats wanted James Comey fired during the Obama presidency, but as soon as Trump fires them, it sends them on a hypocritical squawking rampage. Why would you survey Lindblom? It is an extremely leftist school with completely biased students and you get no accurate results. Of course more than 80% of people don’t trust them. They all go with what the t.v says. He’s only bashed CNN. Which is actual garbage news. They did a report on how many scoops of ice cream he got. CNN is absolutely not credible. About the missile strikes. How are you going to complain that the U.S. does nothing for humanitarian aid yet when Donald Trump responds to Assad’s attack on his own citizens, you complain? Trump DID NOT accuse Assad. The governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, and Israel, as well as Human Rights Watch, attributed the attack to the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Why would Russia retaliate? Russian officials are furious with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected April 4 chemical weapons attack in Idlib province that killed over 80 people, Russia analysts said. They see it as threatening to sabotage the potential for US-Russia rapprochement ahead of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit. North Korea is not signed to the chemical weapons law made in 1993. How is that a threat? He simply said they are looking for trouble. If anything North Korea has threatened America. Why not? So keeping America safe is not making “American Great”? He signed thirty two executive orders meaning he did more than Obama did during his first 100 days. He is trying to dismantle the Obama Administration because it was bad. It didn’t work for the people that you, “fight for”.

    • Here at the Talon, we respect and encourage the spread of ideas and opinions. We believe that no one should suppress someone’s right to voice that opinion, even if the opinion is controversial. Therefore, we believe you should respect the beliefs of our writers and respectfully respond to them. Also, we encourage our writers, like many other reputable newspapers, to cite their sources. It is clear that these words have been copied from Laura Rozen, who wrote the article for al-monitor.com that you took, “Russian officials are furious with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected April 4 chemical weapons attack in Idlib province that killed over 80 people, Russia analysts said,” from her article, which we are sure she’d be fine with if you gave her credit for HER work. The Editor-in-Chief copied and pasted the sentence into the search bar on Google, and it was the first sentence in the first article. We decided to not check every sentence in your comment, so we hope not everything came from someone else’s work. Also, we believe you should take the time to understand the other side’s argument and views because that will give you the fuel needed to argue your point of view in future rants. We appreciate the fact you read the feature though. Please feel free to read and comment, but we encourage that you cite your sources the next time you choose to comment because we believe in intregrity. Thank you!

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