World War XX

By: Andrea Bossi, Alexa Diaz, and Daniela TovarJournalism Bossi Tovar Diaz tabloid


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  1. This article is terrible. First of all, why should women be allowed to abort a child to their own convenience? Woman who are raped and get pregnant make up less than .5 percent of the abortions made each year. Laws are fabricated to control with what you do with the body of another human being. Just because it’s your body it does not mean that you have to the right to kill the baby that YOU have. The reason that laws are pushed is so that woman can claim responsibility for their actions instead of aborting a mild “inconvenience”. These laws are not imposing religion. The only laws imposed on religion is, Freedom Of Religion, but that does not mean that they are imposing religion on everyone. If that was the case, then everyone would be Christian and there would be no diversity. Even though many of them regret the abortion later on in their lives. You also stated that, “The same men and women who fight to for an unborn life – some- times conceived by rape, violating and haunting the victim – would not so often be the same men and woman propelling (futile) warfare nor a discriminatory society”. What is this supposed to mean? That everyone who supports saving a life is discriminatory? They all want war? This is absurdly ridiculous that you group people like this.

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