Soar like an eagle, just not so soon

o-GRADUATION-CAP-facebook.jpgBy: Jacqueline Thornton

There’s no hiding that seniors are completely done with this school year. You can see it in the way they carry themselves and the dead looks in their eyes. You can even hear it in their self deprecating jokes. To put it plainly: they want to leave.

And how do seniors leave? They graduate and for five lucky seniors, graduation came early. Instead of the intended date of June 10th, they graduated on Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2017. This means they were removed from the system, class rosters, and couldn’t access anything that was linked to their CPS emails. Of course, with Lindblom being the efficient place it is, the seniors were put back into the system on Feb. 16th.

I feel that this whole debacle is hilarious and kind of wish it happened to me seeing as I fit the criteria to “graduate”. I’m a senior. I’ve done all of my required classes, and I am an esteemed, former member of Lindblom’s wonderful Academic Center, but I digress. This is a rather shocking mistake for a school that’s so organized to make. Unless, it wasn’t a mistake.

I mean all of the seniors affected would’ve, in any other situation, graduated by now. They have all completed their graduation requirements and have been here over the standard number years for high school, sense they were in the Academic Center. To be honest, they don’t need to come to school any more.

If the system is confused as to why they’re still here then Lindblom should let their eagles soar. I, for a fact, know that the seniors would be overjoyed to take an early leave. They can still graduate with their class on June 10th, they can still go to prom on June 3rd, and they can still uphold Lindblom tradition and sing at Class Sing. They just don’t have to come to school.

Coming to school is just putting unneeded stress on them, and in actuality, they could be making much better use of their time. Instead of being in school, they could be getting ready for college or getting jobs and becoming functioning members of society.

Now don’t get me wrong, I feel going to school and getting educated is very important and betters the mind. But if the student has finished their current level of schooling, shouldn’t they be allowed to move on?


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