Cyber bullying needs to end

10-Cyber-BullyingBy: Jacques Potts

How would you feel if someone called you weak because you was thinking about killing yourself? Those who usually say idiotic things like this are the ones who cause the hurt and ideas to run through the suicidal person’s head. I believe that anyone who says this is actually the weak-minded person for not trying to understand the reason why people have these thoughts.

It really pushes my buttons that people aren’t considered weak when they cry over things like a basketball loss, but people are considered weak when they want to end their life. That’s really backwards. So I’m guessing that sports matter more than someone’s life.

Cyberbullies are the weakest of them all. They’re too weak to say it to someone’s face, and they’re also weak because of the fact they have nothing better to do beside spew words of hate to someone rather than using their time to do something that makes their life worth it.

In no circumstance, should someone bully another individual because they have an advantage over them. Bullying really makes me upset because why can’t everyone just live life to the fullest without being harassed.

We need to crack down on bullying because people are seriously ending their lives over of the harsh acts of others. Our society needs to be mature and overcome this difficult situation by actually punishing bullies and preventing the bullying from happening. It’s going to be hard for us as a society to overcome this, especially when we have a bully as the President, but, I really believe that we can actually do it. We just have to take it step by step, and we have to progress.



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