Seniors struggle the most during the school year


By: Kevin Perkins

Approaching the end of their high school experience, senior year is the most stressful for students. On top of completing school work and making sure they get good grades, seniors have various tasks to take care. Completing college applications,  filling out scholarships, school fees, and preparing for prom may be overwhelming for seniors.

Students are already impacted by feeling of ‘senioritis’. Seniors begin to miss class, slack off on their work, and as a result, get lower grades on assignments they usually ace.  Students develop the idea that they should not be working so hard because they have a life to live or that they will get stressed enough to the point that they won’t make it to college and drop out of school.

Seniors may have a point, but you need to work hard to get to college. Getting scholarships, filling out college applications and hoping to accepted requires students to excel in school. Without having a certain level of success in school, senior year is actually much harder. If colleges do not see that students are meeting their expectations, then it will be difficult for the students to get into colleges or receive scholarships.

In reality, seniors do not see this viewpoint. They often bypass the fact that their last year could be much more overwhelming than they make it to be. The striking senioritis disease is still displayed by the majority of seniors in a school. After the final “submit” on a college application, seniors give up on school and build the stress they have without even knowing it. What many students fail to realize, however, is that completing applications is not the end of the journey – it is just the beginning.


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