Phones should be allowed in school

Teen_at_Lockers_on_Cell_Phone_1_HBy: Michel’le Messenger 

The duty of educators is to meet the educational needs of students. In today’s society, cellular devices are what draws and keeps student’s attention. Some teachers have been smart and joined the movement by allowing students to access their education through mobile devices.

They allow us to do in class mobile quizzes like Kahoot! Also, they send us homework notifications that pop up on our phones through different apps, like Google Classroom. This is the smart way to approach teaching, by using what students enjoy to help them learn. This makes learning fun, and everyone will be engaged.

By banning mobile devices, teachers are making learning dreadful, which causes students to not be engaged. With this ban, teachers become more worried about catching children on their phones than teaching.

Ultimately, it is student’s duty to be attentive in class, so if students would rather use their phone for other things than educational purposes, that is their prerogative. Many teachers struggle with students fooling around with cell phone and make a generalization that all cell phones should be eliminated.

As a student, I believe that cellphones are educational because I use my cellphone everyday to assist me with my homework. My cell phone comes in handy when I need to look up the definition of a word or even to check my email for important school updates. Technology is advancing regularly leaving cell phones with new educational features. Blogger, Meg Ormiston, thinks its time for teachers to expand their horizons on how cell phones can be used to enhance student learning. “A reason to really rethink the cell phone debate is because learning can go beyond the walls of the school or the confines of a class period.” Therefore, cell phones should be used during class time because it an actually be a benefit.


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