Principles of prom: culture differences on prom budget


By: Taiya Jones

As long as I could remember, my experience with black people and their ability to manage money is indescribable and non existent. Growing up, buying two hundred dollar gym shoes was more important than getting a subway lunch for a child’s field trip. These ideals exemplify that we as a culture identify as important are simply confusing and quite disappointing.

My words may seem harsh towards my own kind; however, this issue is ever so apparent and relevant when looking at events such as prom. The average black parent will spend thousands of dollars on a prom event, consciously investing money into an event that will be from 7-11 p.m.

Why do we invest so much money into an event as though it is a striking event in history or a milestone? Yes, I agree that prom is important and every gal or guy should have their night, but not at the expense of potential tuition money.

When comparing it to our superiors, we always ask ourselves. Why are they always two step ahead In the working world, educational opportunities, and more. Is it because they understand the importance of distribution of money better or is their cultural values just to preserve costs for actual milestones?

Instead of spending thousands on prom, they spend it on flights to see their child graduate with their PhD. I feel as though we misunderstand our values, and we get too excited about things that really aren’t that exciting. This can be seen in events such as prom.

In the black community, our priories are truly messed up. We will go out and party all night just to come home to a dark, cold house fluid with no heat and lights on. We spent the rent money on the club trying to impress artificial friendships. So how can we control this impulse to where we can invest our money into things that matter? We can do this by not getting a 1,000 dollar dress but a 1,000 savings bond for college.

Call me crazy, but I think this is a reasonable request. A reasonable request towards a culture who has so much potential and itches for ways to get ahead. This could be a way. We need to stop investing in the silly things in life, but pay attention to the ways we can invest our money so that we are not put in situations that put us behind.


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