Neglect in Nursing Homes


By: Taylor Shepard

Nursing home neglect usually occurs when a resident does not receive the appropriate physical, emotional, mental attention and can lead to harm to the victims. Nursing home neglect can sometimes be confused with nursing home abuse. These two are not the same. Nursing home abuse is the intent of harming the resident and putting them at risk. No matter the definition it is not healthy for the residents, and it negatively affects their well-being.

Residents in nursing home can be victims of this by workers and even volunteers. Usually volunteer workers do not have the proper qualifications to assist residents, nor be able to recognize the resident is desperate need of something. However, volunteer workers are needed in understaffed nursing homes.

Although the Federal and State nursing home law mainly requires that there is a sufficient number of staff members for amount of residents, the federal or state law doesn’t require all staff members to have a degree to work in a nursing home. This can play a huge factor in neglect due to aids or help being ignorant to the idea that residents have unique basic health needs.

Resident assistants and nurses in the homes are not only important for the residents physical health, but also their emotional health. When the patients are not receiving the right attention, many fall into depression, develop stress disorders, and lose sleep. The staff members should be more involved to help prevent these psychological issues residents face.

The family members of the residents often neglect the resident, while in the home. Family members don’t come to visit, do not call, check on, or even send Happy Birthday wishes. These circumstances can cause the elders to feel unloved or wanted. It will then be up to the workers inside the nursing home to fill these type of family members shoes.

For a resident to receive the proper attention for them as a an individual, the workers or staff members need to have more qualifications and courses in order to ensure they know and are meeting the residents needs

Although the law can apply as many requirements as possible for these worker, there must be sensitivity and love in the staff members heart to proficiently care for the nursing home residents.



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