Adding some “pep” to LMSA

dsc_0019By: Vanessa Diaz

Pep band, a new addition to Lindblom’s colloquium classes, is an ensemble of instrumentalists that have students excited for live music at school sporting events. In its first year, Pep Band has about 14 members and is instructed by band teacher, Mr. Wall. The ensemble consists of freshman all the way up to seniors which makes for a very diverse group. The group meets every Wednesday for their full block colloquium in room 251.

The group last played on Jan. 12th for the varsity basketball game in Lindblom’s gymnasium, performing the songs Fancy, Spain, etc. Pep Band’s next performance will be at next week’s basketball game on Tuesday, Jan 24th in the boys gym.

Freshman Isabel Swift said, “It’s so much fun because we’re like cheerleaders except with really heavy instruments. The whole group shows up wearing Lindblom attire and we cheer on our school, it’s great.”

Most of their sheet music comes from songbooks, while others are chosen from what’s popular in the music world today. Some of the pieces they are currently playing are, All of the lights by Kanye West, Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Sucker for Pain from the infamous Suicide Squad movie.

Junior, and third year band member, Kobe Allen says, “The pep band had a lot of fun performing at the last school pep rally since it was our first big audience. We spent a lot of time preparing and learning the music and overall Mr. Wall’s encouragement really helped us during that preparation.”

Many of the pep band members are in the same intermediate or advanced band periods during the school day, so they are able to pass information with one another or ask Mr. Wall questions instead of waiting until the following week for colloquium. If you would like to join pep band or have further questions, you can ask Mr. Wall who is normally in the band room, room 251.


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